Thursday, July 3, 2008

The plethora of summer heat

A photo shot of me and my friend Yumi by my buddy Brian earlier in the summer when the weather wasn't quite so hot.

Today, here in Pullman, the expected temperature is suppose to be somewhere as high as the mid-90 degrees Fahrenheit. Shit, the past few days have been pretty sweltering and I'm not sure about you, but when the temperature begins to rise and I find myself shedding so much sweat, I begin to feel this sense of lag, not laziness, but lag. I guess it's a sign that my body is being dehydrated from all of that intense heat and that I need to carefully hydrate myself with more liquids so that my body can replenish itself.

Just a few moments ago, I happen to have stepped outside my apartment and this sudden and immense blanket of heat simply just forced itself upon me. I felt the impact of summer heat overwhelming the surface of my skin and the slow penetration of warmth throughout my body. Before minutes could be counted, my body already had began shedding drops of sweat and I seriously realized how engulfed we all are.

Anyway, I'm heading over to the Seattle later today with my friend Paul and my room mates Harue and Anthony. I heard there's some thunder showers on the other end of the state. Perhaps a little rain and a swift cooling in weather is something I need. It'll be refreshing and a desirable change of environment. Spending the 4th of July weekend in Seattle will be exciting just like years prior.

Right now, I'm just lounging in my bedroom, listening to Jack Johnson and waiting for Paul to get off from work so that we can grab a bite of food (leftovers from last night's barbecue) and head out.

Can't wait to see Mei...

Well, if I happen to not have time to post on here (since my schedule will be packed) tomorrow, have a wonderful 4th of July everyone!


Brian said...

Glad to see your posting again. Have a great weekend.

Onigiriman said...

You have heat in Washington state? Have a nice time in Seatle, I love that city!

cc said...

White you 'barbecuing' on that end of the globe, I'm yearning for heat in the winter. Luckily there's no snow on this end of NZ.
Have a nice weekend!

Anthony said...

Sorry, I tried calling and knocking, but I ended up sneaking into your room and stealing your mouse. My moue went dead... Thanks though. And weather has gone cold, which is good. 46 degrees out right now, made it possible to sleep comfortably. We should go to Rico's or something this week.

d y l a n t o u c h said...


thanks! i promise you i will post on a regular basis.


yeah, the eastern half of washington state is all rolling wheatfields and dessert-like but beautiful...and hotter than its western-half counterpart.


i have yet to travel to NZ but hopefully some time soon. hope ur winter isn't all too bad. wish i could give u some of the heat we have here!


yes we should. a nice drink will help.

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