Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Why "clean" is better.

So a couple of days ago, I finally got around to cleaning up my living room as well as the rest of the apartment. For me, I love being clean and having the knowledge that I don't tragically gross others out. It's very painful to see your friends stepping back away from you just because there's something wrong with yourself. Not that it happens to me, but I've seen it around friends. Also, I love being around (living in) a clean environment...meaning that things are set accordingly to where they're suppose to be, furnitures are dusted, and basically nothing around me is going to present a hygienic or physical hazard to me and other people. I enjoy having guests over and seeing them feel comfortable and being able to chill and relax. Plus, the other night, my friends Regina, Nisha and Paul came over for dinner and so my cause for cleaning up was even much greater.

I also tend to be in a slight irritated mood when things get really dirty and messy.

For example, if my bedroom becomes messy with books, clothes and homework scattered all over the floor and desk, I seriously cannot let myself be in there to study because for whatever reasons, I cannot study when things are laying out in about. Same with the living room. If the living gets way too cluttered with random junk, it's hard for me to stay out there to lounge and relax. Since dead week and finals week, I became extremely occupied with work and massive studying that I didn't have the time to upkeep or tidy up the apartment. As a result, it gradually became a huge mess. Thankfully, now that my schedule is much more freer, I tend to have more time to clean up after myself and keep the apartment looking spotless and chic and even enjoy sitting while listening to music and ponder what such a nice job I had accomplished. *sigh*

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