Sunday, June 3, 2007


Today proves to be certainly one of the most scorching hot days here in Pullman. As we are speaking, it's exactly 5:00pm over here and the temperature is around 92 degrees Fahrenheit. To seriously withstand this type of dry heat, it's always best to be safe by hydrating yourself with lots and lots of water so that your body can keep cool and be hydrated and this will less likely cause you to get heat stroke or become fatigued. For me, I've been pretty much armed with water all day. Water keeps me on the equilibrium with this type of weather...and by all means, water is what keeps me going throughout the day. Of all the compounds, water is the one that most mixes with us. We begin life in an amniotic ocean in our mother's womb and throughout life, water has always been an essential part of us. Water itself goes through so many cycles. Cycles that are eternal. And like us, the cycle is an endless process of transformations.

Ice, water, vapor, solid, liquid, gas. Water is the element of change and transformation

We are one with water. We are water and water is us. Just like water, we end up getting dirty. Sometimes we are too cold. Sometimes we are too hot. Sometimes we are frozen in one place. Sometimes we are wasted by others. At other times, others see us as the most precious thing. Others might see us as essential in their lives and others might just only see us as resource. Sometimes we can become refreshing for others and other times, we can also drown them at the same time. Most of the time, we try to stay somewhere in between. We also become purified. Our lives revolves around it and our paths are intertwined everyday and every moment.

Life is the path of water. Transformation is the course it takes. And the only way to go, is to flow.

To me, water is sexy. I love the warmth. I love its translucent features. The way it feels on me on a hot scorching day at the beach and the way it envelopes me during a hot bath. Sometimes I love its absolute passivity. It's versatility is beyond admiration. It can be very dirty and very clean. It can have shape or no shape. It's unpredictable and independent. I adore the way the sun is glimmering in the water when it's on your skin. However, the most sexy thing about water is...

it's the best excuse for getting undressed.

I am so thirsty.


Anthony said...

Just like the words of Bruce Lee... "be like water"

What's his favorite drink?


d y l a n t o u c h said...

hahaha...u dork! nah...