Monday, November 12, 2007

Just a proximity infatuation

You work with someone. You spend all that time together. You believe that you were meant to be together. Then you get to know them a little bit better. Maybe go out once or twice. Within a few days? You wonder how this person you couldn't live without, wonder what you ever even saw in them. That I suppose is 'proximity infatuation', yeah?

In other words, lets take another look at it. So Fall Semester here at Washington State University has already been in full swing for some time now. I meet people all the time. I meet them on the first day of class, I meet them at parties, I meet them while waiting in line at a espresso stand, I meet them at the bus stops, sometimes at bars & clubs, I meet them through friend of a friend, and so on. In through all of that I also meet girls.

An example of me + girl = proximity infatuation...

I met this one girl in particular during summer while I was taking courses at the University of Washington. I swear I'm in love with this girl from one of my labs. She wasn't my lab partner, but she sat next to me in class and also her lab station was right beside mine. So I've been sitting next to her for a few weeks now and it's obvious we're meant for each other. We share lab notes and grab coffee together whenever possible. I think she's it. Well, in my mind I came to that conclusion. I told my friend this...

He said something like this:

"Well, lets you even know anything else about her and have you two even hung out? I bet you've just made up a life outside of class for her in your head. You're getting caught up in a short-sighted proximity infatuation man, just wait a couple weeks after class is over and you won't even remember her.".

Yup, that's what proximity infatuation is.

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