Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I feel like shit with the FLU!

Fall Semester here at Washington State University had ended a few days ago and so I'm currently on my winter break. All of my room mates have left for the holiday and like usual, I'm still the only one here, and not just that, but I'm also really sick as well. What was originally just a sore throat on Saturday night, had developed into a full-fledge fever with massive headaches, horrible sinus, high body temperature and tremendous lost of appetite. So obviously, with all of the symptoms, I realized I am having the flu.

I managed to get myself to the clinic earlier today and was prescribed some Tamiflu medication but what I am taking now is seriously making me so damn drowsy that I have the hardest time keeping awake. It also doesn't help that it won't stop snowing here in Pullman and so just getting down to the clinic and afterwards picking up my prescription from Rite Aid was a tremendous hassle.

Anyway, since I'm pretty much stuck in bed, I guess there's no better time than to start on some episodes of Death Note right now from the discs Anthony let me borrow. Hopefully, along with the medication and by getting addicted to this anime series, I will soon start to feel better. You know what else would make me feel better? A cute nurse...to help treat me and allow me to recover.

Okay...I'm just kidding...I'm just kidding! Hahaha...I'll stick to my Tamiflu.


j-tran said...

sorry dude, no gay roomie love where I help take care of you. lol lemme know if you're gonna head back to Seattle. I think we're gonna hang out later this week. My mom can cook you soup.

d y l a n t o u c h said...