Thursday, December 20, 2007


To be honest, I'm one of those people in this world that tends to keep certain things such as little notes, movie stubs, cafe matchbooks, railway passes and so on, as mementos. I keep them because to me, they hold sentimental values and I figured that on some later day along in life, by rediscovering them, they will always remind me of a past experience and eventually lead me to recollect something such as a memory or a feeling.

I've always discovered that inanimate objects carefully seemed to be connected to particular circumstances, places and individuals, and in turn, reflects upon a feeling during a moment in a certain part of my life. And as years go by, these feelings seemed to get hidden, but not lost. Then it is when you stumble upon these mementos, you curiously decipher its physical and emotional attachments you have with it. After a few moments, you start to lose awareness of your surroundings, and you begin to embark upon a journey...

...a journey through space and time, back towards that very moment you've once lived and that very feeling you've once experienced.

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