Thursday, January 3, 2008

Dylan!...What's in your bag?

Here is what's in my bag...


Things in my Kangol messenger bag that I carry on campus and occasionally elsewhere:

Ever had that slight curiosity where you find yourself wondering what's in other people's bags? I normally don't nor do I care what others store in their backpacks, messenger bags, totes, purses, etc. However, earlier today when I was at Starbucks waiting in line to order a nice hot grande soy vanilla latte, this lady in front of me seemed to take forever finishing up her transaction. I'm pretty patient and so I didn't mind at all. But then I was a little bit curious and as I glanced over, I witnessed the lady taking out about a million items from her Coach purse. I was somewhat baffled as to how she can miraculously fit every single one of those items into her bag? Must be a magical bottomless Coach purse?

Anyway, this little experience reminded me of a trendy photo pool on Flickr where members would empty out their bags, lay the items out for display, take a photo of them and upload it onto this Flickr photo pool called What's In Your Bag? I thought it would be amusing to do one and submit mine on there.


brian-chen said...

Good to see the phone....but..... is it functional?

d y l a n t o u c h said...

it's a very lovely phone, but it's pretty useless at the moment.

u need to start posting stuff on ur blog....i see it's pretty empty!

rachel c. said...

I love how you carry around a graphing nerd! HaHaHa!..just teasin' with ya! =)

brian-chen said...

Yeah I know, so far that page is just there so i can post comments on here. Main purpose, and style is still in progress... no fresh ideas have popped into my head yet as to what i want to write about really.

d y l a n t o u c h said...

rachel c.,
oh, i'm pretty much a nerd in every way possible LOL.


don't think too hard as to what u wanna write...a lot of my stuff on here is pretty much an assortment of personal thoughts, random stuff and things that happened.

Anonymous said...

lovely idea, i'm afraid to even look in my bag. XD

SWei said...

hahah. this is waaay too cool.

However, do you really bring that few stuff in your bag with you around your uni? i just started college like a day ago and man, seriously, i put like almost everything into my bag. it's like my life. ive got everything you had plus umbrella, bottle, edible stuff, tissue and loads more that I don't think i bother looking into it to list out now. hahah.

i guess that's the difference between guys and girls. You were in starbucks, thinking that the woman in front of you must have have this bottomless bag and I, as one of the girls, have always thought that guys have bottomless jeans pockets. Guys I know can practically stuff everything into their pockets. It's a wonder how it never looks bulging or anything like it.

Yet again, girls use longer and fancier purses or wallets kind of thing that it's hard to stuff into any pockets and let's see... some girls do put on heavy make up. (Sth i noticed on my first day of college) hahaha.

dude, any girls actually posted what they have in their bags in the flickr gallery you mentioned? :D

p/s: and oh, happy belated 2008. :) i read your previous entries that i missed for the past few days too and it's good to know that you're looking forward. no use dwelling into the past. may 2008 be one of the most fulfilling years you can ever have. do keep up with your great music choices too. I'm relying on you to get to know MORE great songs. Haaaah. :D

KorBua said...

Dylan... seriously, ur more organized than I am. try taking a pic of things in my bag, u can probably find a snake or worm in there. :P blah. when i looked at the pics i though... oh my gosh... this guy is very neat. hehehe. :)

d y l a n t o u c h said...

i think it would be an awesome idea if u tried it out! :)


hahaha~ actually i tend to coomute back and forth from school to home at least twice a day since my place is near the uni and so i only bring stuff that are necesary for me. although i did think back and realized that i may need a larger bag...who knows.

but i dont think guys carry nearly as much stuff as girl...although one thing i cannot leave home w/o is an umbrella. i cannot understand people who can walk around campus w/o an umbrella when it's raining.


hahaha~ u should definitely try takin' a photo of ur bag...seriously, try it. haha~ i try to be neat cuz there's been times where it had taken me forever to look for things...and as we know...time is a commodity hehe~

d y l a n t o u c h said...

oh...that be awesome to find a snake in ur purse, yeah? hehe~ just kidding. ;)