Sunday, January 27, 2008

Life as I know it has come to an end

...Well, not exactly. Life as I know it isn't entirely coming to an end. least not yet anyways. However, the feeling couldn't have been more apparently felt than last night.

I think late last night was so overwhelmingly bad that I even took the necessary liberty to just lock myself in my bedroom today and sleep in all day. To describe late last night? Do I even want to bother? Shit, I don't think I even want to consider listing and analyzing a play-by-play of my downward spiraling into drunken stupor and erratic confessional behaviors.

So after a few moments of flip-flopping thoughts, I finally decided that I was going to write to a certain person a letter of apology because I think she was highly annoyed by me and irritated by my temporary pursuit to drink all of Pullman's alcohol dry. I saw it in her face last night as she was sitting across from me. Damn, I think I'll just leave it on her desk tomorrow morning before I head out to class. I hope this letter can bring forth some light of understanding between us and if not, then hell...perhaps life as I know it is indeed slowly coming to an end. Hahaha...


d y l a n t o u c h said...

Btw...I hope no one took the title of this post literally hahaha.


SWei said...

Gosh you sound so depressed there and yet, you end the entry with "hahaha" which made it all seems so... oxymoron or something. lol. i know this is like January stuff but hey, i do hope all is well with you and your friend now. though i am always a firm believer that in whatever situation, face to face confrontation is still the better way. you get to like read the body language of the person you somehow offended in your case there... anyway, life doesn't have to be THAT dark just because of your drunken talks. though, my guess, you confessed to someone you really liked eh? :S