Friday, February 1, 2008

Lets thank the snowstorm for cancelled classes

I decided to go out onto my balcony to film the snowstorm.

Going to school here at Washington State University obviously means that I also have to endure the grueling winter months where Pullman receives days of heavy snowfall in addition to the endless cold winds and freezing nights. Seriously, everything over here can become literally frozen over night. No joke!

The snowy landscape of the northern part of Pullman from on top of Holland library on campus. (Photo by me)

This past Wednesday, Pullman was hit by a severe snowstorm that lasted into the Friday morning. As a result, we ended up having over a feet of snow, which was rather beneficial to me because the weather condition actually forced the university to cancel classes for both Thursday and Friday. Lately, I've been ranting so negatively about the harsh weather but all of that was subsided when nature had blessed us students with a 4-day weekend.


Brian said...

I slightly enjoyed it!

d y l a n t o u c h said...

brian: wasn't bad at all. even though it was 4 days, it still seemed like it went by so fast.

SWei said...

No wonder you mentioned about wanting to switch places with me. While your side's winter is BAD, mine's HOT weather is just as bad. I guess people are never satisfied with what they have.... Hmmm...