Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Realm of the Four Buddhas

My apartment bedroom...the very place of my nightly slumber, occasional late-night studying, solitary relaxation, moments of self-reflection, and conversational lounging, isn't quite anything extraordinary to boast about. The way I've always seen it to be is that it's simply just a temporary place for me to live here in Pullman (since 2005) as I continue to pursue what I've got to do here at Washington State University. However, one thing that I do get often is friends and people who've been in my room saying how relaxing, comfortable, peaceful and rejuvenating it is. If you haven't seen or been inside my bedroom, it most certainly can be described as very modern & Asian.

Anyway, I think from time to time, I'll showcase some aspects and bits of my bedroom. For now, I'll leave you with images of my four Buddhas that you can find in different spots of my bedroom...

Dylan's bedroom, also known as "Realm of the Four Buddhas"...just kidding.

From top going clockwise:

  • A high relief carving of an Adorned Khmer Buddha head, Angkor Wat style of 12th century A.D. This one is placed on top of one of my bookshelves where it receives brilliant lighting.
  • Small jade Gandharan style Buddha meditating on lotus. I like to pretend this is the Emerald Buddha. This one sits right underneath my bonsai tree which kind of gives it the "meditating underneath the banyan tree" look.
  • The Laughing Buddha or Budai statue, is an interpretation of the Bodhisattva Maitreya. It is considered the predicted Buddha who is supposed to succeed Gautama Buddha in the future. This one is placed prominently in the middle of my desk and faces me and smiles to me everyday whether I'm going online on my laptop or tediously studying.
  • The Nyorai Buddha. This one sits gracefully on top of my black bookshelf. It is the one most visibly recognized when someone walks into my bedroom.


Anthony said...

nice read. lol your room does give out that aura (when it's clean haha jp)

SWei said...

heyyy no wonder your room is relaxing (or so you've claimed it to be)... the buddha statues do give out this serenity aura to people. Even I don't have those. lol. Oh well, I'm contented with my little smiling buddha statues which are not as heavy as the ones in your room that i got from my friend and my adam brody poster. :D