Sunday, July 13, 2008

Essentials: Week #28

Currently, these things are awesome to me:

Mei - Haha...I had to put her on here. Well, she's always going to be awesome and it doesn't take her to be on this list for her to prove it to me. Anyway, for those who don't know, Mei is my lovely girlfriend who I started a relationship with this past April. How we began dating is actually an interesting story altogether. Can't wait to go visit her on the 25th!

Nutella - Seriously, this thing is so damn addicting! This hazelnut-based sweet spread created by the Italian company called Ferrero in the 1940s has made me eating it multiple times a day. Goes damn well with English muffins. Although the makers of Nutella deny it, scientific studies have shown that one of the key ingredients is crack cocaine. Ok, I made that up, there's no crack in the creamy hazelnut spread, but it seemed plausible as I typed. And I thought I might get a laugh. What can I say, I just love the stuff. Can't stop eating it. Must have some now.

Kick-Ass #3 - I just got done reading Kick-Ass issue #3 a few hours ago. For those who don't know, Kick-Ass is the latest title from writer Mark Millar’s creator-owned Millarworld line of comics. It's a look at a real world superhero, in a real world. Ever wondered what it would be like to put on a costume and fight crime? It doesn’t take your parents getting shot, getting yourself bitten by a radioactive insect, being a descendant of an alien world, or cosmic rays or a power ring…just the perfect combination of loneliness and despair. Can't wait for issue #4 coming out in August!

Blackberry Pearl - Yeah, I've had my Blackberry Pearl cell phone for quite some time now and I still can't stop raving about how much I love it. Three words to describe it. Small, smart, and stylish. To me, my Blackberry Pearl is damn sexy. The device handles quite a lot of tasks for me while I'm on the run. However, at the moment, I kind of got my eyes on the new Blackberry Bold and flirted with the possibilities of moving onto it. But then, I also have an infatuation for the upcoming 3G iPhone.


Shirley said...

Dylan, your girlfriend is very pretty.

Interesting story, eh? Another story for another time? ;)

d y l a n t o u c h said...


Thank you! And yeah, the story will come another time :)