Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Stuck with not much to do

I spent a small portion of my day just standing outside on my balcony as I watched the clouds raced by amidst a sunset drenched sky. It had just rained earlier today and finally the sky had began to clear up and allowing the setting sun and the pastel colored sky to blossom. Looming in the distance is another part of Dabco's construction of another series of apartment complexes. For lord's sake, I swear Dabco has this masterplan to take over all of Pullman with their developments.
After a few days into Thanksgiving Break, I'm probably one of the only few students here left in Pullman. For the most part, a great amount of my friends have already left for their parent's home. Anthony, who is back home, I pretty much communicate with on and off during the day on AIM. With not really a single soul here in Pullman, I pretty much go through my days meandering through chores and pathetic attempts to entertain myself so that I can beat the boredom miserably out of me.
So yeah, I ended up washing three days worth of dishes not too long ago because everytime I entered the kitchen, I always was hit by this stink of dirty dishes and left over meals. Believe me, it's not a great way to help keep the apartment smelling decent. But hey, thank lord for the dishwasher, right? Otherwise I'd be slaving over the kitchen sink for a good deal of time.
Well, now that I'm done with the dishes, here are my list of things to do as compiled by my lovely Wendy (who is so lucky to be on the westside of the state already):
  1. Clean up the bedroom.
  2. Set up wall coat hanger.
  3. Get cell phone re-activated.
  4. Return movie back to Blockbuster.

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