Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Looking as you are (Part I)

So obviously, back in the early 80's, my mom decided that it was best for her dearest only son to dress up in a bright red overall. Come on, if I were to ever get my little self lost, I swear my mom can spot me from a mile away as that little moving red dot in a sea of big people. I think that might have been part of her plan as you probably don't know, when I was little, I was that silly two-year-old who would see a butterfly, be so damn amazed by it and as it was fluttering away from me, I would giggle and try to catch it and go after it until I would realize that I was no longer within the eye sight of my parents. I guess back then, I didn't really have the option to protest to my mom as to what types of clothes goes on me. My mind was probably more occupied with wanting ice cream and concentrated on chasing ducks at the park.

So last night, my mom called me. She does this all the time and usually calls me perhaps twice a week just to make sure that I'm still alive and breathing and haven't yet died in squalor. Even though I am the age that I am now and have been living on my own for six years now, she still finds it in her to always be concerned that I'm going to injure myself in some way. The reason behind this is that when I was younger, I got into so many injuries such as falling off of trees that everyone thought I was going to die so young. But anyway, because of my history of past injuries, my mom tends to always try to think for possible case scenarios and sometimes I think she gets a little too paranoid with it. Damn those stitches and broken bones.

Anyway, so my mom asked me when exactly I was going to visit her and my dad this summer and I told her this mid-June. Then she asked if I was going to bring my girlfriend along with me and for some reason, during the whole nearly two months, I failed to tell her that it's almost been two months since me and my girlfriend are no longer together. My mom totally adores her and think she's one of the sweetest girls that she's ever met. My dad thinks so too. They always question me about her. Since my parents live in San Antonio and I live in Pullman and Seattle, when me and my girlfriend were together, we never had the chance to all spend time together. It was something that my parents wanted to do. I guess for my parents and especially my mom, she wants me to be with a girl who will definitely make me happy and also at times kick my ass and hit me with a rolled up newspaper for her when I "act" bad.

So yeah, last night I somehow forgot to mention once again to my mom that I'm no longer with my girlfriend. Yikes!


Shirley said...

Hi. :)

I was just reading through your past few entries. I've been going through a Joe Hisaishi kick recently because I watched Kikujiro about a month ago. So touching! :) Reading your entries makes me smile~~ Keep at it! I bookmarked you. :))))

Janice said...

that red overalls, it's totally cool man!

Alysha said...

you write well =)

im gonna learn frm ur mom and dress my kid (when i have one) in bright red too, its definitely easier to keep an eye on the "little moving red dot in a sea of people"

thanks for the bookmark.

Jen said...

Do you think they'll blame you?

It's reminiscent of that scene in High Fidelity when John Cusack tells his mother he broke up with his girlfriend and the mother cries and cries and acts like it's the end of the world.

I'd find you the actual quote but has failed me.

d y l a n t o u c h said...

yeah, same here...i've been listening to joe hisaishi kinda helps get into a better mood. i like his other stuff as well but "summer" is my favorite. kikujiro is awesome. and thanks! glad my blog makes u smile! :)
red overalls...hrmm..think i can pull it off at my age now??? hehe...if i ever do find some, i'll be sure to post pics of them up!
your welcome! ya know what, my red overalls reminds me of those two kids in red workout suits in the movie Royal Tenebaums! same concept?
oh wow...i gotta see that movie again,'s been a while! but if i find it first, i'll post it up!