Monday, May 28, 2007

Rainy Monday...

It's Monday...

And it's also rainy...

so I's a rainy Monday, right? Along with rainy Mondays,...for some of us, there's a thought and holding hands with this thought, is a feeling that's attached. Inspired by this thought and this feeling, here's a video I made today (starring me of course, duh!)...

Music: "Rainy Monday" by Shiny Toy Guns


constermonster said...

what a loser.
go read a book or join Clearwater... or something

Better yet, brown boy write a fancy letter to me.

Anthony said...

Very clever. It has a nice little story along with it too. It's a bit long and too emo though, but not bad. This will definitely get mixed reviews. However, since it's about that person that shall not be named (no not voldemort)... blah.

cc said...

Hey, nice piece. I like the fast-forwarding effect and the subtle story behind it. Just a tad too long.

d y l a n t o u c h said...

a loser? pardon me? hahaha..i know ur only kidding. i did read a book...didnt u see in the video i was reading a book?...u want a fancy letter..well, okay...i will certainly write u a fancy letter.

long & emo? hey, that was the concept! hehe but yeah, i got bored that day and it was raining and so i was stuck indoors armed w/ a camera and some creativity.

hey thanks! too long u think? yeah...i guess so. but i wanted to capture the whole song. btw, thanks for coming over to my blog. awesome!