Sunday, June 17, 2007

Moved in

Last night, me and Anthony got into Seattle at around 11pm. I met up with Breckie (who's room I'll be taking over during my 2 months stay in Seattle). Afterwards, I spent the night at my Pullman room mate's house up in Bothell, where his mom made some delicious Vietnamese food for us. After 4-5 hours of driving across the state, the taste of home cooked Vietnamese food just simply enlightens the soul.

So finally today I moved into my new place in which I'll be living during the summer here in Seattle. Currently, I'm living in a house near University Village with four other girls named Leanne, Erin, Gina and Keri (who's currently in Italy). They are all really friendly. I am very happy to have settled in their house. I'm hoping to get to know all of them better and become friends. Hopefully summer will allow us to do some things together. Tonight we all actually went out for dinner together in Shoreline. We later dropped by Home Depot to pick up some paint for Leanne's bedroom and finally to Hollywood Video to grab a copy of the movie Breach. I decided to stay in tonight on this rainy Seattle night just simply so that I can get more settled in and relax a bit. I was suppose to go to two birthday parties and meet up with one of my friends to do some farewell drinking but I'm way too tired to go anywhere right at the moment.


Pat Law said...

Seems like you're having fun. Lucky you.

J-fo said...

whats with you and anthony living with girls? haha my parents would freak! O so I don't get how you can do that 4-5hr drive so often...driving to canada-through-and back was way too much.

d y l a n t o u c h said...

pat law,
well...i try to have some fun, but it won't be all 100% fun once i start classes on monday. eek!

for me, i've always had guys as room mates ever since i've started college and so i thought it was time to finally break the cycle and begin something new. living w/ girls this summer in seattle will be an interesting experience as well as when coming back to wsu when i'll be living w/ two other girls. i think in life, "experiences" are things that are opportunities that don't always present themselves everyday nor are they rarely duplicated.