Friday, June 8, 2007

Regina's bulgogi!

It seems that now and then, I end up eating dinner extremely late. It's definitely not good for me, but I do it anyways. Well, tonight my friend Regina came over pretty late and cooked some bulgogi for us. I love bulgogi! We totally scarfed it down with some rice and afterwards, we threw some Polish sausages over the small grill on the balcony and had some of that as well.

Oh, and I also realized that Regina used to never liked me when she initially first met me! She told me tonight. I thought it was very funny. She ended up apologizing and felt really bad. I told her it was alright. Hahaha...but now that she's got to know me and my room mate Anthony better and that we've all spent lots of time together...she finally admits that we are a bunch of cool guys and her dislike for us is TOTALLY gone. Silly girl.

Right now we're watching some new episodes of Naruto at our place. Can't beat new episodes! Well, she's watching new episodes with Anthony. I'm heading to bed. Gotta wake up at 5am to go to work! Eww!


cc said...

We all tend to have a little prejudgment on someone don't we? Then realize how much a fool we are when we get to know that someone. I tried not to do that, but I guess sometimes the evil self still slips out and do that.

vicki said...

Ooh I *love* korean food too! I think my favorite part would be the appetizer that you first get, you know the kimchee, seaweed, etc. Then I'd chow down on some tofu soup and occasionally get some bulgogi, but usually spicy pork. You post a lot of things about food. You're making me hungry! Haha and I'm a food fiend!

d y l a n t o u c h said...

I try not to do that...but there's always a bit of everyone sometimes that prejudges others and I guess everyone is guilty of it from time to time. But i think it's always best followed when you at least try to attempt and get to know the person better and become open.

hey, i LOOOVE food, i'm totally a FAT kid at heart hehehe. i think korean food is awesome. a lot of korean places always offer you so many side dishes with ur ordered dinner! some of the best korean places i've been to were around the UCLA area. well, i hope to post more about all started w/ u and sashimi! haha