Thursday, July 19, 2007

Gossip & Rumors

Here in Seattle, even though the Asian (including Asian-American) population is pretty large compared to other major cities, the Asian community seems small in some respects when you isolate it to just the university students around my age. When you do this, it starts to become really fascinating how small of a community we are. We end up making friends with our friends' friends and we realize that the friends we have in turn have mutual friends with our friends and our friends' friends and their friends. So most of the time, everyone somehow seems interconnected in some way and this is what makes the Asian university students community here in Seattle seem as if it is a small world.

Because of this interconnectedness, problems such as gossip kind of spread really quickly to you almost like how wildfire spreads within a forest. For the most part, I can care less with what people are gossiping about and the rumors that somehow make it into your ears.

This afternoon, someone told me about something and like any other day, I would 100% of the time just dismiss it or shrug it off as if I didn't hear it in the first place. However, this rumor somewhat kind of hit close to home for me and for the lengthiest time today, I couldn't manage myself to get over it. It really bothered me quite a lot and I was at the point in which I couldn't decipher truth from non-truth, who to believe, and what exactly to believe. I think it bothered me to the point that I didn't want to get out of the house and all I really wanted to do was just go to sleep and try to forget what I just heard....which was exactly what I did.

But, I guess the best way for me is to try and get over it and realize that what I heard is probably some misunderstanding from some part and that it is not true. I think I like it better to believe that it's not true and so therefore, I'm discounting this gossip, dismissing it now and not thinking anymore of it...


The Bimbo said...

Not related to your post but your pictures are really nice. well taken with good composition. :) Bloghopped into your blog

Ivy said...

The perils of a small-mid university where everyone somehow knows or at least recognizes everyone else.

I actually kinda prefer it that way but maybe it's because I feel lonely in my university all the time just with the sheer size of the classroom. It's hard to make and keep friends with 1000 ppl in my class. Everyone forgets everyone else when the semester ends. It's really sad.

Kimchihead said...

You are exactly right about the tight-knit circles of gossip. Back when I was an undergrad at the UW, I experienced the same thing. But then I decided to have fun with it--I started spreading rumors about myself just to see how they would mutate by the time they got back to me.

Aya said...

A similar event happened to me today.

I think gossip is like some asinine form of mild injustice. Not thinking of it anymore tends to be less difficult than confronting the cause.