Saturday, November 17, 2007

Thursday night's gettin' vertical

This past Thursday night, me, my room mates and a couple of friends got together at my place for some drinking and simply hanging out one last time before everyone leaves for a whole week of Thanksgiving Break here at Washington State University.

Since me and Anthony both own a keg and a tap to go along, we thought it would be an insanely wonderful idea to get it refilled with beer at the local beer dispenser place since we haven't used our keg for a while. So with our keg, we decided it would be seriously a whole lot of fun if we all take turn to do keg stands on it. Plus, a lot of the friends who came over, especially the girls who are international students from Hong Kong, Japan, and Taiwan, have never in their life tried this classic drinking ritual before and so I wanted to be the first to introduce "keg stands" to them,... and have them experience something they'd probably never ever have the chance to do.

They all got their share of doing keg stands and hopefully when they graduate from WSU, leave the United States and many years from now look back at their experiences here at WSU, they'll remember a time in their life when they were once university students, studying on the weekdays and partying on the weekends, in which one particularly crazy night, they all performed the beauty of "getting vertical" for the first and last time. And with that they'll remember it with a smile and sense of nostalgia...since college life is a one and only time and age of your life in which the lifestyle and frame of mind of this particular time only exist once and can never be duplicated and returned to.


J-fo said...

The pictures really add to this. So in definition, according to Anthony, you guys are definitely alcoholics lol.

How are you spending your turkey day? staying in pullman?

d y l a n t o u c h said...

lol...i think all college students are alcoholics to varying certain degrees...

i think my thanksgiving is most likely gonna be spent here in pullman. sad, but not so bad.