Saturday, December 22, 2007

J'en Ai Marre

My favorite French singer Alizée, with her song "J'en Ai Marre". This song came out way back in 2003, but nevertheless, it's still something I listen to, as well as love. She's not bad in her live performance either. There's also an English version called "I'm Fed Up". The French version makes more sense. She's pretty much singing about the real world being a drag and everything and so she takes a long nice bath to get away from it all. It's better in French, but the way she says "water", is delicious.

I first became aware of Alizee back in my senior year of high school when I was corresponding with a female French student living in Lyon as part of a project for my 4th year French language studies course at my high school. She sent me a cd of one of Alizee's albums and somehow I became a fan ever since. I actually had a poster of the French pop singer taped on my locker door. I have to admit, at that time, I also had this huge crush on Alizee. It's long gone now, although I do have to say her music is the only thing in French that I can actually remember the lyrics and sing along to. A way I can practice my French these days, I guess. Though in all honesty, I had long outgrown my fandom of Alizee over the years, I still listen to her music.


Vicki said...

i absolutely LOVE jimmy eat world's last christmas (your previous post). it's the best version yet. and lols i'll be looking forward to exchanging comments via blogs without mine killing your laptop. and alizee is gorgeous!

d y l a n t o u c h said...

right on. i agree with J.E.W's Last Christmas.
i went on ur blog today, laptop survived!haha~
and i also agree w/ ur last statement as well. u should check out some of her songs though.

Kimchihead said...

She's cute. And her music ain't half bad. It's a catchy tune.

Barbie said...

Hey Dilan,

OMG! I just wanted to find out why Vicki said her blog could kill ya laptop. Guess wat? I followed the link to her blog, when suddenly ma CPU was STUCK! Unbelievable!!!!

Still wondering if it was merely accident or sth??? Not dare to go to Vicki's blog again though(^,^). Otherwise, who knows ma CPU won't stuck again? (^,^)

Sammy said...

Wow you're in seattle. Must be SO cold there. I want to see snow!

I wish I knew French!

d y l a n t o u c h said...

most definitely.


oh no, ur computer became a victim too??? hehehe~ sorry to hear! i'm scared to go on there now T_T.


hahaha~ snow is only good the first two days, afterwards you might get sick of it (if ur one of the people who have to commute to work and go to school).

hey, it's not too late to learn french! ;)

Barbie said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! Wish u the best of luck in the world, Dylan. (^,^). Oh! I got some great shots today, so I shared all of u on ma blog. Take a tour, yes?

PYE PYE, Luck Luck,

d y l a n t o u c h said...

thanks! and u too!

Anonymous said...

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