Friday, January 4, 2008

Well, hello there 2008...

Honestly forgetful that we've already arrived onto the 4th day of this new year, I kind of feel like it's still somewhat 2007, don't you? I'm not sure if it's just me feeling this way or whatever. I guess it's still way too early into the year for anything to say. And of course, the fact that I didn't really celebrate New Year's Eve pretty much moderates how well the idea that 2008 is happening now, is sinking in. Oh well, I'm pretty sure once Spring semester here at Washington State University starts this Monday, I'll most definitely begin to sense the emanate arrival of 2008 with a clear slap on the head.

Well, this is my last night of having the whole apartment to myself. Starting tomorrow afternoon, my very sweet roomies will begin to trickle in as they end their winter breaks. This is terrific because after three weeks of solitude, I'm actually dying for company and I really do want to hang out with my friends as they too will begin returning to Pullman.

Anyway, as I was eating dinner earlier tonight, I looked out the glass slide door and noticed that the sky was on fire. Yup, the sky was on fire. Actually, not really. It was simply the sunset here in Pullman. I thought is was rather dazzling and so I went out into the cold and took a shot of it from my balcony.

A view from my balcony here in Pullman.

This photo reminds me of a poem...

" The heavens are ablaze with orange embers....
Splinters of steel-gray clouds pierce the radiance
Wisps of haze emerge like smoky smudges....
Winter sun's twilight heat dances over the snow and affects the changing light
Fiery reflections shimmer against the fading hues.
Like a fire in the sky the sun melts into the horizon. "
-Unknown author

Nice poem Mr. Unknown Author. Anyhow, I think in my next posting, I'll talk about my goals for 2008, New Year's resolution and some other stuff.


KorBua said...

i'm still stuck in 2007. i swear i keep writing down jan 2007. oh well. :P aren't we all that way at the beginning of every year? :P

wow... something real beautiful i've got there. consider urself lucky coz i can't see a damn thing from my balcony apart from a stupid looking apartment full of far too noisy college ppl. :( sad sad sad.

happy new year 2008! may u find happiness, love and great things in life!

Sunshine said...

hey there! happy new year, thats a nice view you managed to capture :)

Barbie said...

Hah Ha.... Same here!!! I still write down Jan 2007 sometimes too,lol (^,^)


I'm still alive, I'm back!!! How ya doing???

Nice Poem and great shot here! just like a professional one, seriously!!! give me some tips how to get such a click??? Oh! do I have to pay for that??? (^,^)

Luck Luck,

SWei said...

Time seems to be crawling when you're anticipating things, but don't you think this year is going on a lil bit too fast? I mean, alright, the day you blog was 4th jan... And dude, it's already the 6th day of 2008 now when i'm commenting this!

Btw, didn't know how you survived your solitude. i was bored to death even with my aunts and grandma around when my mum and my bros had gone off for badminton tournament somewhere out of my state.

anyway, awesome pics as always. :)

do have a great year this yr.

J-fo said...

i'm lovingggg that photo

J-fo said...

btw who is barbie?? *looks at comment above* -they left me a comment o.O

d y l a n t o u c h said...


thanks korbua! yeah, we're currently in the 2nd month of 2008 and im still datin' my papers with "2007" awful.
sorry to hear about ur balcony view :(....wanna trade?
sorry about the late response btw...



thanks! thank u for droppin' by my blog. please come again soon :)



i totally forgot where the poem originated..hahaha~



thanks swei! yeah, im so glad that i survived my was a really interesting epxerience to say the least. but i do agree with you though, the year is goin by way too fast...



thanks! i love the sunsets here in pullman