Sunday, February 3, 2008

3 things on my mind on this Sunday morning

1st Thing...

Harue, Anthony, me, Ning, and Brian at the guys' pad last night.

Saturday night, my room mates and I decided to just kick it and chill at Anthony & Brian's place where I ended up making some dinner for everyone. I went forth with cooking up really flavorful & juicy beef steaks that I marinated using a recipe that I conjured up myself which involves chopped ginger, red wine vinegar and a lot of other stuff.

Obviously, I love to cook. Culinary exploration and creation is one of my passions. If you know me, Thai & Vietnamese cuisine is what I mainly cook, but Japanese and especially Cambodian cuisine are my next to explore and conquer. Not too many people know about Cambodian cuisine. It's a world of its own that kind of resembles a blend of Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese, but yet has it's own uniqueness. Cambodian food has stronger flavors than Vietnamese, slightly more subtle than Thai and is not as heavy as Chinese. I personally believe Cambodian cuisine is a hidden gem that is going to be one of the next big trendy thing in dining. Oh, by the way, e-mail me if you want the recipe for these steaks.

A plate of my steak & rice. I think this is Brian's plate.

And like any university students on a weekend night,...we ended up drinking afterwards. We can't help it! It's a given!

2nd Thing...

Just staring out the window and attempting to study on a cold and lazy day like today, I truly find myself miss living in Seattle and having that all-taken-for-granted ability to just drive over to Chinatown whenever I wanted to and have a steaming bowl of kuyteav at Phnom Penh Noodle House. When I was living in Seattle, this used to be one of my favorite places to go and have a bite during lunch.

A yummy bowl of "Kuyteav Phnom Penh" at Phnom Penh Noodle House.

3rd Thing...

I had a really fun conversation with a certain someone (you know who you are) earlier this morning. I hope she was able to find some kimchi close to her office and satisfy her craving, yeah? (laughing).


Barbie said...

2 thumbs up for Cambodian cuisine!!!

vattey said...

Hey, I wish I can cook like you though! :D

J-fo said...

oo I need to start cooking more...I live for food lol

Brian said...

The funny thing is i cropped that photo of us all and I never used it, so when i saw your page I was like hey....

d y l a n t o u c h said...

i agree!


you can! :)
it's all about the will to practice and explore and satisfy.


me too! i cannot live w/o food. if it wasnt for living in pullman, i'd actually go eat out more often.


i really like that photo.

vattey said...

Well, yeap! I agree with you! Cos im too lazy, lolz! shall learning cooking when I go back to Cambodia. Hahha

d y l a n t o u c h said...

Well, when u do...u should post up some photos of ur culinary creations. haha

SWei said...

your uni mates are lucky people man. lol. ever thought of being a part time chef? what uni course are you taking anyway? something about engineering or sth right?

Dante Keo Sun Tep said...

just to let your know cambodian noodle soup is spelled "ka tieu"