Friday, February 15, 2008

February 14th came and went

If you think about it (well, this is what I think anyways), Valentine's Day seems to be a little too over-rated. Don't you agree? I mean, the perfect card, the perfect gift, the perfect date...

Seriously, for those who are already attached to someone, isn't there already enough pressure in relationships? And do we really have to add more to this pressure b
y trying to live up to some romantic ideal on Valentine's Day? I dunno. Perhaps you can disagree with me on what I said but it is no lie that Valentine's Day have become increasingly commercialized throughout the years. In fact, more often we seem to have our love measured by what we buy. Yeah, buying gifts for someone you love is always fun and creative, but this is not what love is all about. Love is much more complex than flowers and chocolates.

If you wish, buy that card or those flowers, but also keep in mind that this is not a maker or breaker of a relationship. Better yet, show the person you love and place them in consideration on the other 364 days in the year. It will make a greater impact on the relationship than simply aligning yourself on just one single day in February. Anyway, that's what I th
ink and feel free to disagree with me.

So you're wondering, just what exactly did Dylan do on Valentine's Day this year? Well, unlike last year, I'm not attached to someone and a Valentine's Day plan was not des
troyed by some stupid fight with the girlfriend over ridiculous stuff. Instead, this year I'm single and there really wasn't any plans at all. In fact, I actually spent a good part of it studying for a midterm and eating some Valentine's Day treats given to me from Ning and Sayano.

Valentine's Day cards I made for Ning & Harue.

Before heading on to campus in the morning, I whipped up some omelets and blueberry pancakes for Ning & Harue. I felt that I was running a little late and so I skipped out on making food for myself and simply indulged my hunger in a breakfast of vending machine chips and soda.

The rest of the evening I spent with my female roomies and two guy friends who happened to drop by. All of us presided over a delicious dinner that Harue prepared as well as lots of desserts and two fine bottles of wine amongst the five of us. All in all, it was a low-key, but yet a cozy, warm and relaxing evening.

Images of Valentine's day dinner this year prepared by my roomie Harue.


lynn.wabbit said...

i second you on that!
i actually blogged about v'day too ... and like you, i think it's overrated! :)

Anthony said...

It is over rated. I spent my whole life not really thinking about it much, maybe once or twice in HS, but that was it. Wasn't valentine's day created to fix some sort of economic issue? I was told it was a commercial holiday just to boost sales. I should look it up... lol maybe later.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you too! People are overating Valentine's day!

J-fo said...

haha i agree that v-day is overrated. It's a cute "holiday" but I'd prefer to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and such. It was only really awesome when we were in elementary school and got to make boxes and give everyone cards lol

Penny said...

DORAEMON!!! Awesome!