Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Essentials: Week #29

Currently, these things are awesome to me:

Bánh mì thịt- When Anthony returned from Seattle last Sunday, he was awesome. He managed to bring back some bánh mì thịt (Vietnamese sandwich) for both me and Harue. For those who don't know, a bánh mì thịt is a Vietnamese baguette stuffed with thinly sliced pickled carrots & daikons, cucumber, onions, cilantro, a little jalapeños as well as slices of a variety of different types of pork (grilled marinated meats are popular too). It's also dressed with paté, some mayonnaise, oil, and sometimes a little soy sauce. Back when I lived at home, my mom, she would always bring home two bánh mì thịt (nicely accompanied with a can of soy milk drink) for me from the Vietnamese deli when she goes out grocery shopping at the Asian markets because she knew I loved them so much. Damn, I can never stop craving them! I want a special combo please! Bánh mì đặc biệt coming right away!

Mickey's - Geared toward the university-aged drinkers, slightly left of mainstream. Mickey's is a 5.8% alcohol by volume malt liquor. According to The Hipster Handbook, it is "The only deck malt liquor". I agree. It's deck. It also did me well last Thursday night. Packs a lot punch when you've got a 40 oz. bottle to yourself. Thank you Mickey's.

Mean Creek - Feeling a little restless from the summer night heat and couldn't go to sleep and so I ended up watching this dvd the other night. It's one of those movies that draws you in little by little and leaves a lasting impression. I don't really wanna spoil it too much for you and so I won't say much. Mean Creek is about a situation in which all control is lost. The movie is pretty much what do you get when you cross Stand By Me with The River's Edge, add a touch of The Outsiders, and top it off with a light dusting of Deliverance. Just to note, Mean Creek was chosen as feature selections in the 2005 Sundance Film Festival and the 2005 Cannes Film Festival.


Anonymous said...

I agree, Viet sandwiches are top notch! hmm now i want one..

Anonymous said...

Mmm... bánh mì thịt tastes good. You forgot that last part, cuz then Bánh mì by itself just means "bread" lol.

d y l a n t o u c h said...


Oh yes! They are! Totally miss grabbin a bánh mì thịt nướng on The Ave every day during last summer qtr at UW.

anonymous July 25, 2008 1:57:00 AM PDT:

LOL...sorry about that. I totally was oblivious and should have know. I made the corrections. Thank you though.

Penny said...

Stumble through your site while I'm bored at work. Vietnamese hoagies are yummy if they make it right. Now I'm craving for one but it's a 30mins drive to get one. Neat site!

Anthony said...

What happened to essentials week 32?

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