Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rewind: A Look Back At Week 29

I'm going to go ahead and filter out the other six days of Week 29 and place emphasis on Thursday July 17th.

Thursday night, July 17th

  • Sometimes there really isn't much to do here in Pullman during the summer nights as oppose to during the regular school year.
  • After a hot and blistering summer day, Anthony and I randomly walked from our place and down to Dissmores. We managed to place some contemplation between a case of Corona or a case of Heineken, we ended up grabbing two large bottles of 40 oz. Mickey's.
  • Once home, we stuck the Mickey's into the freezer to let it chill for a bit and made ourselves some rum & coke with a bottle of Malibu Rum that we had stashed up on the refrigerator.
  • We chilled and talked at the dining room table. It was like old times back at E202 where it was just guys drinking and talking and attempting to solve life's little problems. Sometimes we drink to partially drown our sorrows and sometimes we just drink to us guys because we feel there needs to be some alcohol circulating in our veins. I guess tonight we just needed to talk while downing some.
  • Me and Anthony haven't really quite done this together for the longest time. I guess we've been so busy and preoccupied with other parts of our lives. But like I said, this is for the sake of old times.
  • Time passes by and we consumed two 40 oz. bottles of Mickey's on our own.
  • We talked some more, but this time it involves my face turning red and Anthony beginning to have his mind drift upon certain matters.
  • We get too loud and end up waking up our female room mate. I begin to feel bad.
  • Events began to happen...
  • More stuff adds to more events...
  • Anthony and I down a shot of rum each.
  • A hat gets tossed onto the futon and a pair of swimming goggles finds itself in our presence.
  • We joke, prank call our friends and leave absurd messages (if you were a victim and happen to find out by reading this, we are sooooo very sorry guys!).
  • We laugh our asses off continuously.
  • Somehow we became secret agents and spied...
  • I head back to the kitchen to make a toasted salami and vegetable sandwich for both me and Anthony as well as preparing two more rum & coke. Anthony requested double shots for his.
  • I consumed my sandwich.
  • A bag of Munchies (snack mix) magically appears out of nowhere and falls onto our table.
  • The Mickey's has got to me and I end up puking and I complain how awful the toilet smells.
  • Anthony douses anti-bacterial soap on my hands for me to rinse.
  • Anthony finishes his rum & coke as well as mine.
  • I end up falling asleep while talking on the phone and Anthony's whereabouts are unknown.
  • Just like old times...

The End


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Anthony said...

That was a lot of alcohol... lol

Gotta love the drunk dialing. It's been a while.