Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Discovering our "hidden" beach

A few days ago, me and my friends Anthony & Mine stumbled upon a hidden beach. Well, it's not exactly "hidden" nor is it in the proper sense, a "beach". But you know,...we like to think it that way and thinking so, it makes our idea of this location just a little bit more surreal.

Anyway, here in Pullman (where I go to university at), we are pretty much in the middle of nowhere. It's true. It feels as if when you look out into the horizon, you can actually make out the very edge of the world as if anything beyond it...is nothing. To give you an idea, Pullman is pretty much surrounded by rolling hills, wheatfields and long stretches of small creeks and long arrays of grass & shades. We are actually 300 miles away from the nearest ocean shore.

What we discovered on our little roadtrip 40 miles away from Pullman was an area of sand dunes near a pretty decent-sized river in which the banks of the river was a wide stretch of nice beach-like sand. The water was really warm too. We ended up jumping into it to cool ourselves away from the scorching sun. Not too many people know of this place and I think we like to keep it that way. Years and years ago, students from Washington State University frequented this location but in recent years, access to this place was prohibited and so no one ever ventured here again. As students who had knowledge of this place graduated, there were not that many people left to pass on the word. As a result, knowledge of this place was forgotten...up until now. So in the middle of nowhere, there's a place of dunes and sandy beach-like river banks. A place that seemed unlikely, out of placed and a best kept secret.


Anthony said...

nice blog! haven't read it yet though. I'm afraid if i read it, it'll just be a replica of urs since i have thoughts on urs already. I'll write mine first then read it when i'm done so ours aren't similar.

Onigiriman said...

Never been to Pullman, but I hear its way out in the middle of nowhere, although you guys had a very decent b-ball team this year. I'm not sure there's a connection getween these two... And Kikujiro is funny, and I want to show it to my class, but I can't really justify it yet.

thanks for bookmarking me a RBJ

d y l a n t o u c h said...

you better read this after you finish up your version!
yeah, it's definately in the middle of nowhere. but yeah, our basketball team were some pretty good this year. sometimes it's best to be the underdogs but hopefully next year, we can continue doing well and even go farther.