Saturday, June 9, 2007


I think most recently, I've begun the extreme gradual shift from MySpace to Facebook. A lot of friends that I know are doing the exact same thing. First of all, MySpace has one of the biggest problems with users getting spammed. Second, logging onto (and staying logged on) has become one of the major problems these days. It seems that I always get some sort of error message everytime I perform some sort of task! Third, the features and designs on MySpace are really archaic in comparison to Facebook. Facebook is built to last because it enables real life interactions. MySpace is built to die because it enables irrelevant, non-friend communications that empirically kill online communities.

Facebook’s utility puts it in a class of its own – MySpace is not in that class. Facebook’s privacy options enable users to share only what they want to share. Facebook is the biggest photo site on the internet and has achieved that because friends share photos with friends they otherwise would not share with anyone else. Facebook users are comfortable with sharing in the Facebook environment. In contrast, MySpace has to deal with friend, comment and messaging spam – as a result, MySpacers are restricting their profiles to just their friends. Even with that privacy, MySpace does not and will not have the same structural advantages as Facebook.

It is too late for MySpace to change. Any adjustments they make now will only patch underlying competitive disadvantages to Facebook. Facebook, in the long run, is the only network that matters. Beyond that, Facebook can build useful tools MySpace simply cannot. I'll still have my MySpace account but I'm keeping it only to keep in touch with friends who don't have Facebook. For me, Facebook will be the essenital and the standard.

Oh, by the way,...Facebook me!


Anthony said...

word. myspace is pissing the hell out of me! WHAT TEH FUCK IS UP with the blogging system? everytime i edit a post, it says error. Thank god i have blogger now. I quit that shit for good.

J-fo said...

lol...I agreee..every time I do something..there is a error and f-ing Tom is always leaving those damn announcements

d y l a n t o u c h said...

I know...I know...

haha...THAT crazy Tom! but yeah, those error messages always tick me off...cuz they happen SO OFTEN!

Lily said...

LOL, it was all just a ploy to get more facebook friends.

d y l a n t o u c h said...

lol....perhaps ;). you may never know..