Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My Christmas...

So I ended up spending Christmas this year here in Pullman alone. I could have easily chose to travel out of here and be with my friends and especially my family. Honestly, it just wasn't in me this year to really want to celebrate Christmas at all nor be around anyone.

I woke up this morning to find myself with only one present to open up. It was a present given to me from one of my best friends, Sayano. She gave it to me earlier last week and I had previously planned on saving it to bring down to San Antontio and stick it under the Christmas tree at my parent's house. That obviously didn't happen and so fortunately I did have something here in Pullman to open up on Christmas morning. And so I can't say that I didn't get anything for Christmas, right?

My Christmas can be completely summed up in just six photos.

My whole day was spent watching a total of six movies and eating several bowls of pho (which took over 6 hours to preapare) that I made especially for only myself.

Hours passed by and before I even knew it, my day had gone by relatively fast. At around 4pm, I went out onto my balcony to marvel at perhaps one of the most beautiful winter sunsets I've seen here in Pullman in such a long time. If movies weren't enough to entertain me, at least sunsets can.

Spending Christmas alone didn't make for a somber day at all. Perhaps bittersweet, but truthfully there's not much I can expect.

I promise you next year will be different.


SWei said...

Heyyy. :) Sooo Christmas wasn't that bad for you alone after all eh? At least you had a present to open! Unlike you, my family and I do not celebrate Christmas so I am just thankful that I got to spend it with my friend's family this year.

and ooo. the pho you made looked yummy. it could either be just pure camera effect making it looked THAT great or it simply was as good as it looked like. lol.

And my, my, I'd kill to watch that kind of sunset you showed in the picture here in my place. It's beautiful. :) Something I had always thought would only appear on my drawing blocks and not in real life.

Go you for the great pictures and eehh.. might as well tell you this, I downloaded "last Christmas" by jimmy eat world straightaway when i saw you having it here in your blog. it's bloody awesome! simple and nice vid u made too and psst, good to know that you were obsessed with the oc last time cz i still am very much addicted to it since i have the dvds for all 4 seasons. :D

ps: mind my long crappy comment. i tend to type a lot when i stumble upon good stuff.

Kimchihead said...

I spent a good chunk of my Christmas with a bunch of bums. I'm sure your day was more pleasant smelling than mine.

Ivy said...

A quiet Christmas, eh? That's pretty good. I slept through mine! I was so exhausted from my trip. Haha.

d y l a n t o u c h said...

haha...i actually enjoyed reading your comment, it's like a blog within a blog^^.
but yeah, xmas wasn't all too shabby. it wasnt the best ever but there's a reason for the way it came to be.
i'm glad u liked the Jimmy Eat World song!...and yes, the pho was good!^^


what did u do for xmas?
perhaps i shall find out in ur blog?


yeah, a quiet xmas if u put it that way. i wanted it to be very low key and spent in solitude.
sounds like u had a big trip?

KorBua said...

pretty late to wish u a merry christmas now so im just gonna wish u a great new year. :) have a blast counting down.

about spending christmas alone... be happy that u dun hav to work all day all night on christmas eve and christmas day like i did... hahaha :P such a sad life i hav. :P

thx for dropping by my blog. drop by again sometimes. :) have a nice day.

d y l a n t o u c h said...

nah, it's never too late to wish anyone merry xmas hehe~
but i'll be sure to count down the new year.
i'm sorry to hear u had to work all day & all night on xmas T_T . i guess my xmas wasnt that bad but i'd prefer to at least be productive rather than sit at home all day haha~